Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cold War Commander Battle Report 3 - 6 x 6 Game Challenge

I finally got around to playing another game of Cold War Commander for my 6 x 6 Game Challenge.

It has been a little while since my last game, so I probably got some rules wrong.  I added in some artillery for this game so had a few new things to learn as well.

I played the Counter Attack Scenario from the book.  The Soviet Union was defending with 1,335 points available and the US was the attacker with 2,000 points available.

Both sides would achieve a minor objective if they caused 25% casualties to the enemy and a major objective if they broke the enemy formation.

It was a fun game and came right down to the wire with the end result being very, very close.

I think I will try to use an forward artillery observer in the next game to make better use of the artillery.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Painting The Walking Dead: All out War in Black and White - Carl

Carl found his way to my paint table and I managed to get him done and as part of the black and white edition of The Walking Dead: All Out War.

I continue to use my simple process for this model.  Base colors, wash, and then highlights.  I'm not going to win any painting contests, but the models look pretty decent on the table.

Base colors

Wash applied


I think Liam is the only model left from the core box.  Stay tuned to see what I start working on next.

Paints Used:
Vallejo Model Color
               Basalt Grey
               London Grey
Vallejo Game Color
               Stonewall Grey
Army Painter
               Matt Black
               Stone Golem
Vallejo Model Air Color
               Anthracite Grey 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Painting The Walking Dead: All Out War in Black and White - Patrick

Patrick visited my painting table recently and is now ready to head out to collect some supplies and thrash some walkers.

I continue with my simple but effective painting style.  This is a pretty good way to paint models if you are interested in getting models to the table quickly.  I think it would be pretty forgiving for a new painter as well.

Just a few more models and I'll be done with the core box.

Paints Used:
Vallejo Model Air Color
    Anthracite Grey
Vallejo Model Color
Vallejo Game Color
    Cold Grey
    Stonewall Grey
Games Workshop
    Nuln Oil
Army Painter
    Matt Black

Monday, July 31, 2017

6 X 6 Game Challenge Update - July

I had hoped to make a little progress on getting caught up, but I failed.  However, I am glad to say that I didn't fall any further behind.

My three games this month were all of The Walking Dead: All Out War.  I am finished with the plays for that game and am going to focus on Cold War Commander and Conflict of Heroes next.

I've played (and made videos of) 15 games so far toward this challenge.  My plan was to play 3 games per month so I should have completed 21 games by the end of July.  I now need to play 4 games per month (and 5 in one month) to complete my challenge.

I have plans to make some progress in August, but we will see how that actually works out.

Cold War Commander
Game 1Game 2

Conflict of Heroes - Awakening the Bear

The Walking Dead: All Out War
Game 1Game 2Game 3, Game 4, Game 5, Game 6

Kings of War
Game 1Game 2Game 3

Imperial Skies

Memoir '44
Game 1Game 2Game 3, Game 4

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Competitive Battle Report 6

I was able to convince my friend John to join me in a game of The Walking Dead: All Out War.  This is my first competitive game.  The game mechanics are essentially the same as for a solo game, but there is much more to worry about with the addition of a force or hostile survivors that you must contend with instead of just the undead walkers.

We played the basic scenario out of the core box.  There are 9 supply tokens placed on the board and the first side to hold 7 tokens in an end phase is the winner.  If the game ends due to threat being too high, then then the player with the most tokens is declared the winner.

We had a good time and I think we got most of the rules correct.  I look forward to playing more games and hope they go as well as this game did.

This game completes my plays for this game for my 6 x 6 game challenge.  I will continue to work on models for this game and play more games, but I will be shifting gears and working on getting some other games played.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Painting The Walking Dead: All Out War in Black and White - Derek

Derek was the next model to hit my painting table.

I continue to use my simple, but effective process of applying base colors, washing the model with Nuln Oil, and then highlighting with the base colors.

It is a pretty quick painting process, and the results look reasonable.

Base colors applied.

Wash applied.


I'm getting closer to completing the core box.  Stay tuned to see what is next.

Paints Used:
Vallejo Model Color
   Neutral Grey
Vallejo Game Color
   Stonewall Grey
   Cold Grey
Army Painter
   Stone Golem
Games Workshop
   Nuln Oil

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Solo Battle Report 5

I managed to get my 5th game played for my 6 x 6 Game Challenge.  I played the second scenario from the Days Gone Bye expansion; City Slicker.

This scenario is pretty straight forward.  You just need to get Rick from one side of the board to the other and exit the table edge.

I got lucky a couple of times and I finally managed to win a scenario.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Painting The Walking Dead: All Out War in Black and White - Sandra

Next up in the paint queue was Sandra.

I sticking to my simple process.  Block in base colors (greys and black), then wash with Nuln Oil, and finally, highlight using the base colors.

Simple but effective.

I'm a fan of simple.  As you've probably heard me say before; my goal is always a nice table top standard.  I'm not going to win any awards, but my models look good enough on the table-top.

Stay tuned as I continue to work through this project.

Vallejo Model Color
   London Grey
   Neutral Grey
Vallejo Game Color
   Stonewall Grey
   Cold Grey
Army Painter
   Stone Golem
Games Workshop
   Nuln Oil

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Solo Battle Report 4

I played my 4th game of The Walking Dead: All Out War for my 6 X 6 Game Challenge.  This battle was the first scenario from the Days Gone Bye expansion.

I think I got most of the rules correct this time around, but there is a chance that I missed some.  Please let me know if you see anything I missed.

I didn't have the suggested models painted, so I decided to use alternative choices.  I went with Sandra and Derek for this game.

In this scenario, the player is trying to cross from one corner of the board to the opposite corner and wants to break into a munitions store.

It started out well, but the threat got a little out of hand fairly quickly.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Painting The Walking Dead: All Out War in Black and White - Walkers and Rick

My OLDER sister is a big fan of The Walking Dead.  For her birthday, I decided I would get her a copy of the board game from Mantic Games and paint it up for her.  Because she likes the comic so much (she also likes the TV show), I decided I would paint the models to match the comic and only use black, white, and greys.

Follow along as I share the process.

First up, I painted the walkers.  Nothing to exciting with these as I just used different grey shades and then washed the models with Nuln Oil.

I have one big tip for anyone that wants to paint their models in this style.  Be sure you don't paint any similar shades next to each other.  Keep the contrast clear by using a dark grey next to a light grey.  This makes each piece of clothing or the skin from blending in with each other.

Next up was Rick.  I used the same process for Rick, but decided that I would be highlighting the survivor models so that they stand out a little better.  I'm also painting the ring around the survivor's bases white so they stand out a little better on the table top.

For the highlight, I just used the same color as I used as the base color (before the Nuln Oil wash) and just picked out the high points.  I don't actually do a lot of highlighting on my models, but think it worked well with this.

Here you can see Rick without a wash...

With a wash...

And finally, with highlights.

I continue to be surprised by the impact a wash can have.

Stay tuned to see the rest of the survivors from the core box.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star by Far Off Games - Unboxing

Another game arrived that I backed via Kickstarter.  Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star is an expansion for Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

This expansion added more missions, titles, ships, and events.  In addition, it includes a solo option.  The solo option is what sold me on backing this and I'm pretty excited in giving this game a try.

The components all look very nice and are high quality.

This game has some pretty cool visuals and I hope to get this on my table soon.  There are several games that claim to be sandbox, but most don't really fulfill that promise.  However, from what I've read and watched from others, this game really does give that sandbox feel (with certain limitations) and offers several paths to victory.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cold War in 6mm - Painting US M60A3 Tanks

I have added some new models to my 6mm Cold War US forces.  This time I've painted some M60A3 tanks.  These came from CinC.

I've used the same paint job on these as the rest of my US forces.  It is a simple paint scheme, but I like the way they look.

These models were primed white and then Vallejo Model Color US Dark Green was applied.  After that, I applied Games Workshop's Agrax Earthshade to the models.  Next, I drybrushed the models with a mix of the US Dark Green and Vallejo Model Color White.

Simple, but effective.

I based these models on 40mm x 20mm metal bases.  I flocked these bases with a mix of 3 flocks.  I like the effect this gives.

I've not got another 16 tanks for my force.  I hope to use these in a game soon.

This War of Mine by Awaken Realms - Unboxing

I received my copy of This War of Mine (another game I backed on Kickstarter) last week.  I often like to see what is in a game before I buy it so I thought I would make an unboxing video to show off the goodies.

In This War of Mine you play as a group of civilians trapped in a besieged and conflict-ridden city, enduring many hardships that often test the essence of humanity.
During the day you take shelter in a ruined tenement, which you need to maintain, search, and add improvements to.
During the night, you will guard your shelter and possessions and explore other locations to find various supplies.  You will meet different characters; some good and some not so good.
Your goal is to survive until the hostilities end.

This game has a pretty dark theme and is not going to be a light hearted experience.  It won't be for everyone, but I think it looks interesting and I look forward to playing this game.

As far as the components go, most everything looks pretty good.  There are a lot of cards and they are of decent quality.  The tokens look nice.  I really like the look of the board.

The art work throughout fits the theme very well and sets the tone for the game.

I'm not real impressed with the miniatures that come in the game though.  The are not as detailed as well as they could be.  Other than that though, all the components seem to be good quality and should add to the immersion of the game play.